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About Med-Assess

The project Adaptive Medical Profession Assessor, in short Med-Assess, is an innovation transfer project in the context of the LEONARDO DA VINCI innovation transfer call as a part of the EU-Programme of Lifelong Learning. The previous developed solution of OntoHR will be transferred from the IT domain to the health domain as well as from the Netherlands and Hungary to Germany, while still staying a multi-lingual solution.

Due to the aging society and the related neurological illnesses like stroke or dementia there is a higher demand of nurses and care givers throughout Europe than in the past. At the same time the skills and abilities (e.g. in the neuroscience) required from the nurses are increasing as well. Med-Assess meets this demand by providing a solution where nurses may assess their knowledge and skills to get an insight in which areas they might need refreshment or further training. Additionally Med-Assess will support superiors in a hospital or other medical institution in recruitment tests for new employees, in the measuring of knowledge, abilities and competencies of current employees as well as providing learning content or material for VET on the job. With regard to the international context, Med-Assess can be used for determining whether a foreign job applicant holds similar knowledge and qualifications than a local applicant, or if he will need additional training to fulfill the job related tasks. 

The solution will be adaptable for different medical qualification areas. This way each clinic will be able to create individual Med-Assess measuring knowledge bases (neuroscience, internal medicine, sport medicine, etc.).


Target groups:

  • Clinics

  • Hospitals

  • Nursing schools

  • Nursing associations

  • Vocational Education Training Communities


Med-Assess Conception:

Work Packages

Work Package (WP)Main ObjectiveDuration (Month/Year)
Project Management
Project Coordination10/12 - 09/14
Knowledge Acquisition and Formalization
Med-Assess Knowledge Base10/12 - 09/13
Adaption and Customization of Medical Profession Knowledge and Ability Measuring08/13 - 02/14
Customization and Integration of Med-Assess Components07/13 - 03/14
Med-Assess Transfer and Evaluation04/14 - 09/14
Quality Management
Project Quality Management10/12 - 09/14
Dissemination of Project Results10/12 - 09/14
Med-Assess Commercialization and System Foresight04/14 - 09/14

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